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Chengdu Zhi-ray Optical LLC. is a combat experienced design team to provide professional design programs and solutions for client confidentiality. Is committed to building China's largest, most professional optical design, optical components company, has a large service network, high coverage of thethe Chengdu zhi-ray optical design studio, and efficient services to companies and institutions recognized. Chengdu the Zhiguang optical design studio will be the spirit of the most professional to provide you with safe, economical and professional service.

ZHI-RAY OPTICAL provides: Spherical Lens, Optical Prism, Cylindrical Lens, Optical Window Films, Filters, Aspherical Lens, Fresnel Lens, Optical Ball, Filters etc. Reflective Cup Proofing small batch done and special specifications of the optical lens sales.

Optical design: lens design, image design, lighting design, laser design (laser system), projectors, optical design, Solar Simulator optical design, coating coating design, optical technology and so on. Our success stories have three anti-beam expander, camera lenses, Cassegrain, off-axis optical system design, the zoom optical system, CCD machine vision lenses, like the side telecentric optical system, things like side telecentric optical system, double high Sri Lanka optical system, as well as for lighting LED free-form surface streetlight lens, spotlight lens, compound eye lens and projection system; application software zemax, CODE V, TracePro, LightTools, mechanical design software solidedge, Solidworks, Autocad, pro / e, etc ..


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